Through an agile, ergonomic, structured and integrated approach to governance, cyber risk management and compliance, you always maintain control and visibility over everything:

  • System Vulnerabilities
  • Remediation actions
  • Project safety
  • System approvals

EGERIE RISK MANAGER allows you to predict and calculate real risks, self-diagnose, plan and track safety measures, and to automatically produce reports, records and indicators. Our solution integrates the steps of different methods such as ISO27005, EBIOS Risk Manager or other frameworks.

  • Ecran Risk Manager
  • Ecran Risk Manager
  • Ecran Risk Manager
  • Ecran Risk Manager
  • Ecran Risk Manager
  • Ecran Risk Manager
  • Ecran Risk Manager

EGERIE Risk Manager key functions

Advantages of our solution

Easy deployment and significant reduction of risk exposure

Continuous and iterative process of constructing risk mapping

Compatibility with numerous reference systems and partner solutions

Intuitive software designed for the user

Reliable indicators and associated justifications

Feedback from the different profiles and sharing of the data produced

A solution tailored to your maturity

Our solution

EGERIE’s software platform is packaged to fit your organization and IS architecture. Our solution is available on a centralized web platform delivered as SaaS or in “on-premise” mode. It fits easily into your architecture with high-performance APIs. To support you at all stages of your development of optimized compliance with the governance of cyber risks at the corporate level, EGERIE has developed, with its certified partners, a range of services:

They trust us

  • Aéroports de Lyon
  • Aéroport Marseille Provence
  • Naval Group
  • Orange
  • SFR
  • Airbus
  • DGA
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