Avant même l’entrée en vigueur du RGPD (Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données), EGERIE avait commencé à développer les outils nécessaires à la mise en conformité en matière de protection des données à caractère personnel.

EGERIE Privacy Manager therefore provides support to the DPO (Data Protection Officer) and CIL (Computer Correspondent and Freedoms) in their adoption of, and ongoing compliance with, the new European rules on the protection of personal data and the implementation of these obligations.

  • Ecran Privacy Manager
  • Ecran Privacy Manager
  • Ecran Privacy Manager
  • Ecran Privacy Manager

Key features of Privacy Manager

  1. Manage registers and files
  2. Evaluate risks
  3. Map
  4. Impact analysis (DPIA)
  5. Automatically edit reports
  6. Comma

Advantages of our solution

Integrated libraries (GDPR…)

Registers, DPIA, “accontability” (art 24) in compliance with GDPR

Risk characterization and impact analysis accessible to all

Visualization and precise indicators for better navigation

Risk pre-characterization and adapted resolution, file personalization

Common approach for the DPO and the CISO

Our approach to eyelashes and OPCS

Production of documents required by the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL)

Our solution enables automated and personalised production of regulatory reports.

Privacy By Design

The GDPR, contains a requirement that data protection is integrated from the design stage of systems and solutions that process or enable the processing of personal data. Our collaborative approach enables pre-qualification of risks with project teams, right from the early stages of a project.

Transparency and accountability requirement

The measures offered by our solution and their monitoring make it possible to demonstrate accordance with data protection rules and ensure legal and technical compliance.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Our pre-qualification of risks enables rapid classification of risks and identification of those requiring a DPIA. To perform a DPIA, we adapt to your level of expertise and that of your organisation. If you are not experts and want to increase your autonomy, our certified partners can assist you with your first DPIAs. If you want to entrust the performance of impact assessments to your in-house experts, Privacy Manager fully integrates with our global cyber risk management solution Risk Manager specially designed for CISOs.

Our solution

EGERIE’s software platform is packaged to fit your organization and IS architecture. Our solution is available on a centralized web platform delivered as SaaS or in “on-premise” mode. It fits easily into your architecture with high-performance APIs. To support you at all stages of your development of optimized compliance with the governance of cyber risks at the corporate level, EGERIE has developed, with its certified partners, a range of services:

They trust us

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