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EGERIE benefits from a community of over 350 expert consultants trained and certified in our solutions. We share our knowledge with them and construct risk analyses jointly to ensure they meet users’ needs in terms of their markets and their specific situations

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Agility and security must always be an integral part of cyber project management to create the conditions for effective risk detection and prevention. This is the whole purpose of risk analysis, which must be managed using an adaptive, dynamic model.

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Mobilising collective intelligence is now one of EGERIE’s priorities. This theme also applies with our in-house staff. To give the best of themselves, everyone needs to combine personal development with collective fulfilment. This is part of EGERIE’s DNA.


To detect malicious behaviour quickly and be as responsive and effective as possible when incidents occur, companies must strive to obtain maximum visibility over their infrastructure and their systems. This involves performing diagnostics and knowing which threats they may be exposed to and what they are covered against.

EGERIE’s tried and tested solutions enable organisations to implement monitoring tools and a dynamic risk-led management approach, adopting an effective stance in relation to cyber and guaranteeing better protection and security for their digital systems.
It should not be forgotten that controlling these risks is becoming a major asset in terms of their insurability, given the exponential growth of cyber-insurance.

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