EGERIE Risk Manager for EBIOS is the number one software in France to implement the EBIOS Risk Manager methodology within your company.

It drives you through the method and the EBIOS workshops and offers pre-filled libraries to facilitate the construction of your EBIOS Risk Manager analysis.

EGERIE Risk Manager for EBIOS has been officially certified by ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency) since 04 June 2019. The certification was presented to us by the Director General of ANSSI on the occasion of the celebration of the agency’s 10th anniversary.

EGERIE Risk Manager for EBIOS lets you :

  • Identify and assess risks
  • Determine the relevant security measures

Thanks to our web-based software suite, all EBIOS Risk Manager workshops can be registered, managed and analyzed in one place.

EGERIE Risk Manager for EBIOS allows you to keep control over everything from system vulnerabilities to remediation actions, project security and system approvals.

EBIOS, a method of appreciation and treatment of numeric risks published by ANSSI with support of the EBIOS club

The EBIOS Risk Manager (EBIOS) method validates the accepted level of risk and is part of a longer-term process of continuous improvement. It provides the necessary elements for communication and decision-making both within the organization and with its partners.

It can apply to private and public sector organizations, regardless of size and industry – and to information systems that are being developed or already in existence.

EGERIE, a member of the EBIOS Club, is actively involved in the promotion and adoption of the EBIOS method among French industrialists and administrations. Our solutions already equip many OIV (Organizations of Vital Importance) and OSE (Essential Service Operators).

EBIOS RISK MANAGER method follows a three-step approach


Build a strong safety baseline by applying safety benchmarks relevant to state-of-the-art and regulations.


Assess risks by focusing on the most dangerous intentional and targeted threats that can undermine this safety baseline. It is a differentiated approach depending on the need to address the risks of “opportunistic attacks” and/or “targeted attacks” (in both strategic and operational scenarios).


Apply risk treatments. This new method also allows for better consideration of the risk situation of third parties and subcontractors, which are often presented as one of the weak links.

EBIOS, the five workshop approach (SOURCE ANSSI)

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