Since 2016, EGERIE has been co-led by the two founders of the company: Jean Larroumets as President and Pierre Oger as CEO.

Jean Larroumets has spent his entire career in the field of cybersecurity, and has extensive knowledge of the technical, organizational, and regulatory workings. He is actively involved in industry governance bodies and in the professional associations of security and risk analysis including the Cyber Taskforce, the EBIOS Club, of which he is a founding member, CLUSIR Toulon and the French Tech Toulon Sud.

Pierre Oger has been a technical, organizational, and regulatory expert on cybersecurity for many years. Today, he assists the major corporate and government departments in the consideration of Cyber risk and the implementation of a global cybersecurity management system. Pierre Oger is a member of several cybersecurity and risk management trades federations such as Hexatrust, of which he is VP and member of the Board of Directors.

In recent years, business leaders have become very aware of cyber security issues and the risks businesses face. CISO agents guaranteeing the protection procedure need more than ever to be able to prove to management that all risks have been analysed and that situation is constantly under control. All threats, whatever they be, cannot be ignored. This obligatory mastering of cyber security is further strengthened by field regulations (GDPR, II901, RGS, IGI1300, PCI DSS, etc) and the ever more stringent measures of insurance companies.

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